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Adjust the selection of cartridge valve
For the adjustment of valve selection, require high sensitivity, accurate steam resistance drainage, no leakage of steam, can improve steam utilization, reliable performance, high back pressure rate, long service life.

With the ups and downs of the international economy in recent years, the market end of regulating plugboard valve is constantly changing, no matter the industry of regulating plugboard valve or other traditional industries are also so. The combination of online and offline of the Internet now makes the traditional industries need innovation and transformation.

Below, we will understand the adjustment of the board valve selection skills. Adjusting the valve is based on media pressure, displacement, back pressure and many other factors to choose the most suitable product, for adjusting the valve must choose the right, rather than choose expensive. Regulating plug valve is a kind of energy-saving valve products, so choose a kind of regulating plug valve, especially the high quality of regulating plug valve will bring energy saving and improve the production efficiency of the capital will be to buy adjust plug valve to invest dozens of times.
Here will be different media of the pipeline, the selection of the adjustment of the valve cartridge to do an analysis, but the specific selection of which model and caliber of the adjustment of the valve cartridge, it depends on the specific parameters of the calculation.

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