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Daily maintenance of valve
1. The valve should be stored in a dry and ventilated room and blocked at both ends of the access.

2. The valve shall be inspected regularly, and the dirt on it shall be removed, and the anti-rust oil shall be daubed on the surface.

3, after the installation of the valve, it should be carried out regular maintenance, to ensure its normal work.

4. Check whether the sealing surface of valve is worn, and repair or replace it according to the situation.

5, check stem and stem nut trapezoidal thread wear, packing is outdated failure, and carry out necessary replacement.

6. The sealing performance of the valve shall be tested to ensure its performance.

7, the valve in operation should be in good condition, flange and bracket bolts are complete, threads are not damaged, no loosening phenomenon.

8. If the hand wheel is lost, it should be completed in time and cannot be replaced by a live wrench.

9, packing gland is not allowed to skew or no pretightening gap.

10, if the valve is used in a poor environment, vulnerable to rain, snow, dust, sand and other contaminants, the valve stem should be installed with a protective cover.

11, the scale on the valve should be kept complete, accurate, clear, valve seal, cover.

12, the insulation jacket should be free of dents and cracks.

13. Avoid knocking on the valve in operation or supporting heavy objects.
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