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Flanged valve in link form
This is a much more common connection for valves. According to the shape of the joint surface, it can be divided into the following types:
1, smooth type: for the valve with low pressure. Convenient processing
2, concave and convex type: high working pressure, can use hard gasket
3, tenon groove type: plastic deformation can be used in large gaskets, in corrosive medium is widely used, sealing effect is good.
4, trapezoidal groove: oval metal ring as a gasket, used for working pressure ≥64 kg/cm valve, or high temperature valve.
5, lens type: washer is lens shape, made of metal. High pressure valve with working pressure ≥100 kg/cm, or high temperature valve.
6, O ring type: this is a relatively new form of flange connection, it is with the emergence of a variety of rubber O ring, and developed, it in the sealing effect of the connection form.
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