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Grease injection maintenance of valve
Professional maintenance of valves before and after welding plays a crucial role in the production and operation of valves. Correct and orderly and effective maintenance will protect valves, make them function normally and extend the service life of valves. Valve maintenance may seem simple, but it is not. There are often overlooked aspects of work.

First, valve grease injection, often ignore the amount of grease. After the grease gun is refueled, the operator selects the valve and the grease connection mode to carry out the grease injection. There are two kinds of conditions: on the one hand, the amount of grease injection is small and the grease injection is insufficient. On the other hand, excessive fat injection, resulting in waste. The reason is that there is no accurate calculation of different valve sealing capacity according to valve type. The sealing capacity can be calculated according to the size and type of valve, and appropriate amount of grease can be injected reasonably.

Second, valve grease, often ignore the pressure problem. During the fat-injection operation, the fat-injection pressure varies regularly from peak to trough. Too low pressure, seal leakage or failure, too high pressure, grease injection port blocked, sealed fat hardening or sealing ring and valve ball, valve plate lock. Usually, when the grease injection pressure is too low, most of the grease injected flows into the bottom of the valve cavity, which usually occurs in small gate valves. And the grease injection pressure is too high, on the one hand, check the grease injection nozzle, if the grease hole obstruction judge the situation for replacement; On the other hand is the grease hardening, to use cleaning fluid, repeatedly soften the failure of the sealing grease, and inject new grease replacement. In addition, sealing type and sealing material also affect grease injection pressure, different sealing forms have different grease injection pressure, in general, hard seal grease injection pressure is higher than soft seal.

Third, the valve grease, pay attention to the valve in the switch position. Ball valve maintenance is generally in the open state, under special circumstances choose to close maintenance. Other valves can not always be open to the treatment. Gate valve must be closed during maintenance, to ensure that grease along the sealing ring filled with sealing groove, if open, sealing grease will directly into the flow path or valve cavity, causing waste.

Fourth, valve grease, often ignore the effect of grease. The pressure, the amount of fat injection and the switch position are all normal during the grease injection operation. However, in order to ensure the valve grease effect, it is sometimes necessary to open or close the valve, check the lubrication effect, and make sure that the valve ball or gate surface is lubricated evenly.

Fifth, grease, pay attention to valve body blowdown and plug pressure relief problems. After the valve pressure test, the gas and water in the sealed chamber of the valve chamber will increase pressure due to the rise of the ambient temperature. When grease injection, it is necessary to discharge sewage and relieve pressure first, so as to facilitate the smooth operation of grease injection. After grease injection, the air and moisture in the sealed cavity are fully displaced. Timely discharge valve chamber pressure, also ensure the safety of valve use. After grease injection, tighten the blowdown and pressure relief wire to prevent accidental occurrence.

Sixth, note the problem of even fat when fat injection. Normal fat injection, the closest to the fat injection orifice fat first, then to the low point, finally is the high point, the successive fat. If not in accordance with the law or no fat, prove that there is a blockage, timely cleaning treatment.

Seventh, grease should also observe valve size and sealing ring seat flush. For example, the ball valve, if there is an open position surplus, can adjust the open position limiter inward, confirm the size straight and then lock. Adjustment limit can not only pursue open or close one party position, to consider the whole. If the opening position is flush and not in place, the valve will be closed loosely. Similarly, adjust the switch in place, also need to consider the corresponding adjustment on position. Ensure valve is right-angled.

Eighth, after fat injection, must seal the fat injection mouth. Avoid impurities into the grease, or grease oxidation at the grease mouth, the cover should be coated with anti-rust grease, to avoid rust. For the next operation to apply.

Ninth, grease injection, also want to consider in the future in order to transport specific problems in the specific treatment. Considering the different qualities of diesel and gasoline, the scour and decomposition ability of gasoline should be considered. In the future valve operation, encounter gasoline section operation, timely supplement grease, prevent wear and tear.

10, grease injection, do not ignore the valve stem part of the grease. Valve shaft parts with sliding sleeve or packing also need to be lubricated to reduce friction resistance during operation. If lubrication cannot be ensured, torque increases worn parts during electric operation, and manual operation requires laborious switching.

11, some ball valve body marked with arrows, if there is no English FIOW writing, it is the direction of sealing seat, not as a reference to the flow of media, valve self-discharge direction is opposite. Normally, a two-seater sealed ball valve has a two-way flow direction.

Twelfth, valve maintenance, also pay attention to the electric head and its transmission mechanism in the water problem. Especially rain that seeps in during the rainy season. One is the drive mechanism or drive shaft sleeve rust, the other is the winter freeze. Cause excessive torque in the operation of electric valve, and damage to the transmission parts will make the motor unloaded or over-torque protection jump out and unable to realize electric operation. Transmission parts are damaged and manual operation is not possible. After the over-torque protection action, manual operation is also unable to switch, such as forced operation, will damage the internal alloy parts.
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