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Jester valve (tianjin) co., LTD. Was founded in June, 2005, is a research and development, production, sales of aluminum alloy anti-condensation butterfly valve enterprises. Our company has introduced the international advanced technology, carried on the modern scale production, developed the new product, has the independent intellectual property right, has the specialized quality inspection.

The leading products of our company are F50DH series and F500G series. This product adopts high-performance top disc material, which can effectively prevent the temperature difference of the valve body and isolate the transmission of medium in the pipeline, so that there is no condensation on the actuator and flange surface. High performance materials have many outstanding advantages, such as low water absorption, corrosion resistance, insulation diaphragm cooling, etc., which is four times of ordinary materials. It is widely used in water, gas, oil, chemical industry, smelting, energy, shipbuilding, electric power, petroleum, water treatment, construction and other industries.

As a member of valve industry, we firmly believe that "quality is our life, integrity is our purpose, excellence is our pursuit."

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